Chocolate labrodetki from Bekki Varvafi and Cameswon Comedy Club.
Date of Birth: November 20, 2010
1 boy and 5 girls.

Dad - Cameswon Comedy Club
Mom - Bekki Varvafi
I want to introduce grandfathers kids! I think they deserve special attention!
Grandfather on father
Stenveyz Red October
Grandfather on mother
Stenveyz Point of View
Champion of RKF
2hGrand Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus
International Working Certificate
search and filing bat game (3 x I degree, RCACT)
black male (genotype - BbEe).
HD - A / A, Elbows - 0/0 (free of dysplasia).
dob 28/04/05

Interchempion (C.I.B.)
Grand Champion of Russia
Grand Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Russia
Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Belarus
Club Winner 2003 (Russia)
Club Winner 2007 (Poland)
Champion National Retriever Club of
Champion of Russian Kennel Federation
International working certificate
Winner of the working class Spetsvystavky in Labrador, expert - John Crook (UK)
Kennel "Balrion at Weathertop"
3CACIB, 2RCACIB, 21CAC, 2CC, 2CChC, 9BOS, 3BOB, 5hKraschyy veteran
HD - A / A, ED - 0/0, PRA clear (Opigen A)

Litter - 3x3 inbreeding to at least respectable grandmother