Life gets in color when next to you the most loved and dear people, but in this wonderful world lacks the spark of life - is the Labrador! Here in our family now have a little chocolate girl - we had no idea what lies ahead! This active walks in the fresh air and new friends, and fun trip, and exhibitions, and hunting and the ocean of positive emotions!

      When, after three years, we had already two chocolate girls - it was a blast and the mix of all that you can imagine! Of course, we waited and everyday life - it's hard daily work weekends and holidays - walking, feeding, grooming, training! So our nursery - a mini club of people who have decided to change their lives for the better, to make this spark - Labrador - in my family! Know what real life is and how it can be beautiful!

     We trust their kids active, friendly, honest people who understand what responsibility they take when buying a small puppy! We always keep in touch with the owners of our children! Help in word and deed! Always! We invite you to become a member of our club - Scientist dog!